Nik Trapani

San Jose State |


When Nik Trapani made the jump from Loyola High School in Los Angeles to play Division I baseball at San Jose State, it was a dream come true. But when the injuries piled up and he was unable to prove himself, doubt set in.  His Spartan career has been fraught with challenges, including multiple injuries that have plagued him.  As a result, Nik has been limited to just 105 at bats and 57 games since first arriving on campus in 2018.

He suffered through bilateral patella tears in both knees from 2019-2021, which forced him to undergo surgery and sit out the 2022 season. When he returned the following season, he was limited to just 81 at bats as his injury worsened. He underwent another surgery last summer to repair his knee. Currently rehabbing, he is planning on being in the opening day lineup in February 2024.

Sitting out the entire 2022 season was mentally challenging for Nik. He took the courageous step to see a therapist and discovered his family had a history of anxiety. Understanding that people close to him suffered the same affliction made him feel less alone and encouraged him to continue therapy to develop strategies to improve his mental health.

Despite his many challenges, Nik was an offensive force for the Spartans last season when they captured their first-ever Mountain West Conference championship and became the first Spartan team in more than 20 years to advance go to the NCAA Regional Tournament. Nik started every game in both the conference tournament and NCAA Stanford Regional.

“My journey at San Jose State hasn’t been easy. Even last year when I was playing regularly, I was in pain every day,” explained Nik. “However, the perspective I have gained from my experience and therapy has allowed me to develop an appreciation for playing baseball that I used to take for granted. I certainly understand that none of this is possible without my family and girlfriend who have supported me, teammates who have pushed me, coaches who have led me, and especially my trainer, Karter Lang, who has been with me every step of the way.”