Jennah Loggins

San Jose State University |


Jennah Loggins, a senior psychology major with a minor in kinesiology and forward for the San Jose State Spartan women’s soccer team, has overcome tremendous challenges in her young life. Just a year after she was born, she lost her mother to an asthma attack. Soon after her mother’s death, her father left, forcing Jennah and her three siblings to live with relatives. During her childhood, resources were scarce: there were times when Jennah and her siblings went without food or running water.

Being one of the few minorities at South Hills High School in Covina, she often dealt with racism and had a difficult time making friends. Sports proved an invaluable outlet for Jennah, providing an opportunity for her to distinguish herself. Over the course of four years, she scored an impressive 12 goals on behalf of the soccer team and broke the school record for both the 100m and 4x100m relays on the track team.

Just weeks before leaving for San Jose State, Jennah tore her ACL in a pick-up soccer game that would require surgery and force her to redshirt her freshman year.  Then, just four games into her sophomore season, she tore the ACL in her other leg and missed the remainder of that season. After an infection from her first surgery forced her to undergo a third surgery, her junior season was limited to just 14 games.  In recognition of her resilience, Jennah was presented last year with the Spartan’s Sammy Award for “Most Inspirational Player”.

This year, fully healthy for the first time, she appeared in seven games, helping the Spartans start the season with a 2-3-3 record.

“No matter how hard it’s gotten, I’ve always looked to God and the people in my life who have always been there to support me in some of my darkest times,” explained Jennah. “I’ve always kept a positive mindset and never given up, no matter the challenges or adversity in front of me.”